5 Ways to Working Smarter and Saving Time

If you are someone who loves to do so many things, time management must be very important to you.  Personally, I see to it that I am able to manage my time well because I like to involve myself with activities other than work.  SO …how do you manage your time at work and be productive.  We always hear the saying, “Work smarter and not harder.” I definitely agree with this! You see a lot of people who comes to work in the morning, sit and just do what’s seen on their desk, IMMEDIATELY.  The best thing to do really is PLAN your day.  Plan your day ahead and with certainty I can say you will accomplish more.  Maybe you are now wondering why you have officemates who can enjoy most of their coffee and lunch break without the look of being hurried.


Let me share with you some tips on how you can be productive at work and manage your time at the same time.

  1. Approach work with a structure.  Having a structure allows you to establish a routine that works best for you.  Maybe at the end of day you clear your table properly.  Make things orderly so when you go to work the following day, you can immediately check emails, do important calls, set up meeting with employees or clients then check emails before leaving work so that when there are priorities the next day, you will know which to attend to first.  There is no hard fast rule in structuring your day at work, but the point is get a structure and everything will flow as fluid. When you break the structure, you may end up glued to your computer just doing emails and that’s it!
  1. While the work trends now call for multi-tasking, a lot have misconceptions on multi-tasking. It does not literally mean doing 2 to 3 tasks at the same time.  We go back to planning and structure, when we have that ahead of time, you can effectively multi-task because, there may be lag between what you are doing and having it approved.  That lag time in between can be used for another task instead of doing nothing and just wait.  That’s being productive and efficient.  By 3 pm, you are just waiting for the clock to strike 5 o’clock!
  1. Urgent doesn’t necessarily mean life and death. Being able to exercise sound judgment is an excellent trait.  You have been in the job for so long, learn to trust the people you work with.  We go back to structure, when you have an established structure, you are able to prioritize things and in so doing you are actually already addressing matters with higher priority.
  1. Put your mobile phone in silent mode or turn it off. It’s good to be connected all the time but if there is a person who has an urgent matter to discuss with you, they will do so through land line.  Remember that mobile phones are not prevalent decades ago yet there are businessmen who still built empires.  Calls that are not important can disrupt work and workflow.
  1. Enjoy your break. When you plan your day and have structure, you’ll find out that you have a gauge on what you’ve done for the day.  Include breaks in your structure.

Do not feel guilty about standing up from your work space every couple of hours to get a glass of water, taking a snack and a couple of laps around the block. Keeping your body sustained and invigorated will keep you working clever for a long period of time during the day.

You might want to learn more from Brian Tracy in this video:

How cloud computing is changing the world

Cloud computing allows the shift from traditional software to the easily more accessible network, the internet. All shared resources and accessible communication systems can be done through the internet on real-time and at any location. Multinational corporations can gain access to various amount of information at any one of their offices in the around the world. While software or hardware would require more time and money to implement and run, cloud-based business applications can be up and running within a few days or weeks, costing less overtime. This constant availability to technology has created an environment where we are always connected to the important data of our lives.


One of the major advantages of having technology at our finger-tips is that we always have access to our favorite movies, photos, music and more. When traveling, we never have to be without important documents, out of touch with friends and family members, or be without the latest news and current events. Of course, with all this connectivity we also need tools and services to keep everything straight and easy to use. One of the most important developments in that regard has been the “cloud”.

Cloud computing is a term that is used to refer to the storage of information on internet based servers rather than local storage devices. A person can access data from any connected device that has been given permission to do so and, if needed, has the right software installed. Some services and functions require you to install specialized programs, while others simply are used through portals accessible from your internet browser.

Some of the more popular cloud-based services are photo and music sharing sites. These services allow you to back up your photos and share them with others, with only a few clicks of the mouse. It is no longer necessary to “zip” photo files, use complicated compression formats, or wait for pictures to be printed out and mailed to loved ones. Uploading files and giving permissions to your friends and family is an easy task that will allow them to view your latest pictures from their systems.

Another very active component of cloud computing is the virtual office. Services such as Google apps, allow you to keep all of your office suite applications available anytime you need them, from any connected device. You can do just about anything with one of these services that you could do with desktop-based software, such as write documents, budgeting software, work with spreadsheets and even create slide show presentations.


Adding a computing system that is specifically designed to be versatile and flexibility is the logical evolution of the hyper-connected, everywhere tech life that we have developed in our modern society. These are only the first stages of the ever expanding technological demands that are being addressed by developers and programmers. As new demands are placed on systems, they will continue to evolve to meet the needs of consumers.

My Recommended Software Tools

After years of refining my day to day work habits in order to maximize productivity, I wanted to share with you some of the apps and tools I use to get things done and keep me productive. I’m a huge fanboy of all these tools and to be honest I just want to share them so that they can help someone else out!

1. Simplenote

simple note app

Simplenote is similar to the ‘notes’ app on OS and iOS, but better. It’s developed by Matt Mullenweg’s company Automatic. It’s basically a notepad for you to scrawl down notes. Where the app excels is simplicity and ease of use. The notes are formatted very simply, they autosave themselves and they sync with the cloud in real time so your notes are instantly updated across devices.

For me, the app keeps it simple whilst still providing enough functionality to keep your life organized. Notes can be split into categories, pinned to the top of the app, shared with others and there’s also a recycle bin for if something goes missing. In general, I’ve found the app to be 10x more reliable and useful than the native notes app, to the extent that it’s replaced all other word processing apps in my workflow. Highly recommended.

2. Textexpander

text expansion

Text expander is a nifty little app that lets you replace common words with shortcuts. The app sits running in the background of my computer, and whenever I type in a shortcut, it expands it to the full word. For example, when I type ;em, it auto-expands to [email protected], saving me from typing out the whole thing. This might not seem like much time but if you use it on all the common words and phrases you use on a regular basis and it all adds up. I’m not sure how they calculate their stats, sinceText expander claims it has saved me 2,147,188,653 characters and about 80,000 hours (that’s about 10 years!) which are in no way accurate, but I do feel like Textexpander is a useful app which makes my day to day work easier and smoother.

3. Statement Matching

automatic vendor statement rec

The third app I use regularly is an automatic vendor statement reconciliation app from Statement-Matching.com. This basically allows you to upload your vendor statements to an online tool which automatically reconciles them against the transaction records in your own systems. This is a great way make sure the vendor invoices you’re being sent are in line with your own systems and save you time in the accounting process. Once the files are uploaded the system automatically re-reconciles them every day and alerts you to any discrepancies so this app really is a lifesaver if you deal with a lot of vendor statements.

4. 1Password


Let me start by saying this app was a game changer for me. Dabbling in various online businesses and being a tech fan, heck, even being a normal person in 2016 requires you to have a ton of different logins for all your social media, emails, web 2.0’s, not to mention logins for different retail sites or other services you might use on the web. You can either use the same login and password for each site (not recommended if you have any sense at all, one security breach will leave ALL your accounts vulnerable), or you can try and juggle many different passwords in your head. Most people go for something in between those two choices, trying to remember 4 or 45 slightly different logins, but frequently forgetting them and having to go through the password reset process.

Well, with 1Password that’s a thing of the past. Essentially you save all your logins and passwords to a vault, which is protected by a master password. You can login and copy and paste the logins and passwords across whenever you need. But what’s even better is you can install a chrome or firefox extension that means the app will open the page and fill in the login information for you!

Your logins are protected by leading edge security so you have piece of mind and there’s no need to stress yourself out trying to remember a ton of passwords any longer – the app does it all for you.

Well, those are a few of my apps. It’s hard to put a figure on it but these apps together have given me a great little productivity boost and I’m hugely loyal to all of them!

Let me know what apps you use and love, I’m always on the lookout for a better workflow!

7 Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can be a difficult for many people but we have to be conscious with what we eat because it keeps us maintain good health along with exercise.  When you eat right, you feel right.  With these tips you’ll find out that eating healthy is rather easy after all.

  1. Your calorie intake should just be proportionate to the kind of activity you are engaged in, this way you can achieve balanced energy consumption and usage. Naturally when you eat and drink more, you will gain weight and conversely when you eat and drink less, you’ll achieve weight loss.  Experts say that recommended calorie intake for men is ideally at 2,500 calories and   2000 calories for women.Close-up of human hands with forks tasting salad; Shutterstock ID 82023532; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone
  2. Make sure you eat varied foods so that you ensure a balanced diet. Variety could mean getting all the kinds of nutrients your body needs.
  3. Fill your meal with starchy foods. Ideally your meal should consist 1/3 of your food intake.  You can opt for pasta, bread, rice, potatoes.  Opt for whole grains and take your potatoes with skin on whenever.  These are full with fiber and you will feel full quickly. Generally we should take in starchy foods, one starchy food for a main meal, that is.  While it is true that starchy food can cause weight gain, this isn’t the case if eaten just within the right amount.
  4. Fruits and vegetables are healthier choices; ensure you are able to eat 5 portions of varied fruits every day. This is simple to do, a glass of fruit juice without the sugar, veggies mixed with dishes, banana over cereal already count.
  5. Fish is healthy and is a great protein source that’s full of vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to eat 2 portions of fish per week, oily fish is better.  Oily fish contains more omega-3 fats that can help you stay clear of heart diseases.  It’s alright to choose frozen and canned fish but usually these are high in salt.  Fresh fish is still the best choice.
  6. Fat should be part in our diet but we have to be conscious what kind of fat we are taking in. Fats can be saturated and unsaturated, choose unsaturated of course!  If you take in too much saturated fat, chances are your cholesterol level will increase and that is not good at all since it can cause you to develop heart disease.
  7. We have to limit our intake of sugary drinks. So cola drinkers, take it slow.  While sweets and sugary food items are just hard to resist, we have to be mindful of these because, they do not only contain high calorie but too much can cause diabetes.

These seven tips should help you get started!


8 Simple Diet and Fitness Tips

  1. Resisting our sugar cravings is one of the most challenging things one can encounter when on a diet. In instances when you feel like eating sweets, settle for a fruit like a couple of pineapple slices with a spoonful of peanut butter. This way your calorie intake is still kept to the minimum.  Forget the chocolates and cakes, with fruits; you’ll be happy and healthy.U.S. Navy Machinist?s Mate Fireman Jamal Henry, a command fitness leader aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), demonstrates the proper form for pushups as Sailors prepare to take their physical readiness test aboard the ship May 20, 2013, in the Atlantic Ocean. The Harry S. Truman was conducting training off the U.S. East Coast. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Chase C. Lacombe/Released)
  2. One of the ways to get your butt off to exercise is when you have a gym buddy or if you run, a running buddy. In choosing a workout buddy, he should be someone who can inspire you rather than the opposite.  It’s fun to exercise with someone because you get to bond with a friend who shares the same health goals as you.
  3. It is important that you pamper those muscle pains with a cold bath. When you do this, you will take away post-fitness aches you are feeling.  A lot of athletes do this to reduce muscle sore after training.  Having a massage at least once a month can help muscle recovery.
  4. It is also important that you have a pair of comfortable sneakers. Choose a pair that doesn’t hurt because proper execution of exercise routine can be affected with the pair of shoes you are wearing.
  5. Music helps you with your exercise pacing like when you run, it is helpful to have upbeat tunes playing because your concentration is brought to the beat and not on how long you’ve already been running. Actually, music during exercise is a “to-each-his-own” thing because there are also athletes who prefer relaxing music while training. The bottom-line is music helps to keep you going.
  6. When you started a diet regimen, the best time to start weighing is after a week. Make sure to weigh before taking in something and that’s most likely in the morning before eating or even drinking a glass of water.  It is also advisable to weigh at the same time whether you schedule weigh in daily or weekly.
  7. Watch your portions. Fill half of your plate with vegetables rather than the stake occupying ¾ of your plate.  It is best to watch your calorie intake so you do not have to overdo it when it’s workout time.
  8. It is important to fuel your body when you are exercise or training. If for example you are joining a 5K or 10K run, make sure you eat enough to fuel your activity but eat something that’s easy to burn.  It’s okay for a high-carb breakfast like a bowl of cereal with fruits to go along with it.  Coffee is okay too, in fact it’s helpful for athletic individuals since it can make you sharper and can give you more energy.